What Are Age Spots?

erase age spotsMany individuals want to know just what age spots are and are they dangerous. Age spots are actually one of those dreaded fears in many individuals’ lives. Not because they are dangerous but because they mean the individual is getting older. The spots are more prevalent in older people, but can sometimes show up in young adults as well. The spots are common in both men and women and are usually seen mostly in fair skin individuals. However, the skin condition has been known to show up in dark skinned complexion people as well. For many, age spots symbolize getting older, and many people look for ways to clear them up or lighten the area. Some individuals worry that age spots may be an early stage of cancer, but they are not and do not require any type of treatment.

What Exactly Are Age Spots?

Age spots appear as tiny discolorations on the face as well as other areas of the body.  The discoloration can be found in colors such as; gray, black, dark brown and light brown. The spots are usually flat and not raised, and they are usually small in size. However, depending upon where they are located on the body they may be bigger in size or darker in color; this too depends upon how much sun exposure to the area as been received.

Some individuals refer to age spots as liver spots. The spots and discoloration to the skin is not a result of any disease of the liver organ or any other organ of the body. Age spots are a direct reflects of damage the sun can do to a person’s skin complexion. The spots are more common in individuals who have been exposed to a significant amount of sunlight.

There are no warning signs or symptoms of age spots. The spots seem to appear over a long period of time. Individuals may be able to stop the appearance of the spots by avoiding over exposure to the sunlight and using sunscreen with SPF. Individuals, who get the age spots and are not happy with the appearance of them usually try using skin bleaching products to lighten the discoloration to match their skin tone. These products may work for some but there is no guarantee they will work for all. Each person is different and what work for one will not work for the other. The best form of protection for age spots is skin protection in the first place.

Getting Rid Of Age Spots

Individuals who are concerned about the discoloration should set up an appointment with their health care provider. The diagnosis is done by a visual exam. If there is a need to further examine the area, a biopsy will be done.  There is usually nothing to worry about with age spots. They just happen to be tiny little discolorations that live up to their name. Therefore, for those who worry about what are age spots; there is really no need to, age spots are just another part of growing older gracefully.

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