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Age SpotsForget about expensive treatments such as laser surgery as there are home remedies available to reduce or eliminate age spots. While age spots are considered harmless, they are unsightly and revealing as to a person’s actual age. Age spots are usually located on the back on a persons hand and are brown and yellow discolorations of the skin. Skin that has been exposed to the sun for lengthy periods, as well as nutritional deficiency, poor diet and liver problems, can all attribute to age sports. Prevention is the key, so make sure you use a sunscreen when outdoors that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15. To reduce the appearance of age sorts using natural ingredients found at home, use remedies below to help you help regain the appearance of beautiful, youthful skin.

Home Remedies For Age Spots

Aloe Vera – Available in plant form and packaged commercially as gel or cream, the juice from the aloe vera plant has long been used as a natural skin healant. Most often used for sunburns and other types of burns to the skin, aloe vera can help reduce age spots as well. If using the juice of natural plants, cut a piece open and rub on the affected areas of your hand. If using a commercially packaged product, rub on the affected area.
Leave either product on at least 45 minute and complete this procedure 2 – 3 times daily. You will begin to see your sun sorts fade within 4 weeks. Repeat the home remedy procedure until all age spots are faded.

Lemons – Lemons are a home remedy natural lightening agent that has been used for years to bleach hair blonder and remove stains from clothes. Simply cut a lemon in half and rub the juice on your age spots. Leave on affected areas for a minimum of 30 minutes and overnight if you wish. You will start to see improvement with 6 weeks. Repeat the procedure until all age spots are faded.

Castor Oil – A long time favorite for people with stomach problems, castor oil has been approved as an over the counter medicine for use in treating skin disorders such as age spots. The oil, which has been extracted from the seed of a castor bean, contains Ricinoleic acid, an anti-inflammatory.  Rub into the affected areas once each morning and then again before bed.  Pure castor oil is oderless so it is a great solution for those with busy lifestyles. Within a month, you should start to see results. Repeat the procedure until all age sports are faded.

Be Patient With Your Age Spots Home Remedy

All of the home remedies for age spots work, so be patient when using them. It took years for your age spots to show and it may take some time to eliminate them. While age spots may be harmless, please see your doctor immediately if your spots grow in size rapidly, change color dramatically, or the texture changes. These changes could indicate a possibility of skin cancer. Treat your skin good by preventing sun damage through the use of a suncreen and by using these healing natural home remedies.

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