Get Rid Of Age Spots

age spotsAge spots are a common concern for most of the people who are above 40 years of age. The damage on the skin could obviously be due to aging or exposure to sun. The spots appear on most of the body parts like face, hands, feet and back etc. You need a lot of patience to get rid of age spots because the procedures are controlled by your body and you have to do nothing but wait for the body to regenerate the skin by itself. There are several ways to get rid of the age spots. You can use some home remedies or take the medical treatments which are done by cosmetic surgeons or dermatologists.

Easy Methods To Get Rid Of Age Spots

Here are some of the simple home remedies to help you get a good looking and beautiful skin and get rid of age spots. Exposure to sun light for extended periods of time can be very harmful to the skin. Most of the sun spots are caused due to the over exposure to the sun making the skin more susceptible to severe pigmentation. However, it is not possible for anyone to stay out of sunlight completely. If you have to go out, protect your skin using sunscreen lotions or creams with a high SPF rating. This can keep your skin protected from the harmful rays of the sun for a considerable amount of time.

Clinical Options

Use of Alpha Hydroxy Acid is also very beneficial to get rid of age spots. Most of the dermatologists recommend the use of creams which contain AHA for treating the age spots. Alpha hydroxy acids, derived from dairy products and fruits, are commonly used for treating wrinkles, acne and scars also. These creams work on the pigmentation or the dead tissue build up and remove them from the upper epidermal layer paving way for new skin to replace it. Some over the counter options exist as well. Skinbright is one example of a skin brightening solution for the removal of age spots. You can learn more by visiting

To get rid of age spots many people also use chemical peels. You can easily get such peels from the market. However, before buying a product you have to consult your dermatologist and find out the right formula suitable for your skin. Most of the people may not prefer using this method to remove the spots because the peels are known to contain different chemicals which may be harsh on your skin. So when you apply the peel on your face and force it to peel off while removing, it could cause some minor damage to the skin.

Apart from these remedies there are certain other treatments also which include the use of Retinoids which is synthetically derived from Vitamin A. Vitamin A is necessary to regulate the growth of our skin cells, especially the cells closer to the skin surface. So applying Vitamin A directly on the skin helps speeding up exfoliation and forming new cells. This is very helpful for treating scars, wrinkles and age spots. Cosmetic treatments for getting rid of age spots include soft tissue augmentation which uses collagen injections. Another treatment is microdermabrasion where the dead cells are removed to allow the formation of new skin.

By using one of these methods you can get rid of age spots and have a beautiful and younger looking skin. But if you feel that the spots are stubborn and cannot be treated using home remedies you can consult a dermatologist and follow his advice to get rid of age spots.

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