Fade Away Your Age Spots With These Techniques

Fade SpotsBaby boomers are getting older and if you are one of this vast group of people, perhaps you have been asking yourself how to fade age spots.  Of all the indignities that go along with aging, liver spots are one of the most unsightly.  These discolorations of the skin are caused primarily by sun exposure over the years.  Once someone reaches the age of 40, their skin is just not able to regenerate as effectively as it did when they was younger.   Anywhere you have been exposed to Ultra Violet Radiation, you will start to see age spots.  This includes your hands, your shoulders, face and even the top of your head if you are bald.  The good news is that you can fade age spots.

Prevention Is The First Step

First of all, start wearing sun protection.  It may be too late to prevent the age spots you already have, but you can certainly slow down the creation and emergence of new ones.  Everyone by now should know important it is to prevent skin damage and shield your skin from harmful UV rays.  Then take a look at some of the skin creams available at your local drugstore.  Apply these anti-aging or ‘fading’ creams on a regular basis and there is a possibility you will see improvement over time.  The best ingredients to look for are alpha-hydroxy acids and retinoids.  Both have been shown to rejuvenate the skin to some degree in clinical trials.  Other names to look for on the label are azelaic acid and that good old cure-all, vitamin C.

Techniques to Fade Age Spots

Creams work for some people but not everyone sees improvement. If your age spots refuse to fade see a dermatologist and ask about chemical peels.   Chemical peels sound a lot scarier than they really are.  In fact, they are also known as ‘lunchtime peels’, because they are a fairly minor procedure.  Layers of damaged and old skin are removed and new collagen growth is often stimulated.  Since the effects of one chemical are not always visible it is not uncommon to go in repeatedly for several chemical peels.

Your dermatologist may also mention cryotherapy.  It is simply the freezing of surface skin and this procedure is considered safe and fairly inexpensive.   Lasers are another technique used in removing and fading age spots.  Years ago they used to result in some scar formation, but new developments in light and laser technologies make them very effective with little chance of unsightly side effects.  Short pulses are used to heat and destroy the damaged cells.

Do Not Lose Hope When Dealing With Your Age Spots

New developments in fading and reducing age spots are constantly emerging.  As with anything that affects your body and well being do your research and ask for advice from trained professionals.  Whether you choose to pursue procedures that will fade age spots is entirely a personal decision and you need to decide if the age spots have an impact on your life and your happiness, or if they are entirely immaterial.   If you do decided to fade age spots, make an informed decision and be realistic about the results you can expect from any particular treatment.

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